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Yes Mr. Evans chapter 1 (Part. 1)

martedì 28 febbraio 2017

 1 (Part. 1)

Damn! Could she choose another day to do not go to work? Damn you, Arizona! I must to make me that damned waxing, otherwise I can't replace her. Today is my day off, or better, it was my day off. I had some stuff: to go to the grocery store, clean the house, meet Beverly and Naomi, instead I must go to work! Therefore, better hurry up.
And now who bother me on the phone?!
<<Hello Noele, this is Arizona, did the boss warned you?>>
<< Don't say anything, Xavier had told me everything, damn you, I had to do a lot of things!>> Exclaim.
<<Plaese, forgive me, tell me that you will take my place.>>
She begs me, with afraid voice. I would kill her.
<<Yes, I will go, but if you keep me on the phone, I will not go.>> I hum.
<<I'm hanging up, Noe... Thank you very much and good luck with customers.>>
<<Thank you>>
Why I tuned her in?
Fortunately I live near the beach and I will arrive in time at 9 pm.
There it is, the beach is full of people in bathing suit that have fun.
Xavier's Bar is covered by raffia, in the golden sand there are some bamboo seats and straw parasol are closed.
I'm going in the dressing room and i change uniform in a hurry.
The uniformi s really strait, a mini skirt of raffia and up only two coconuts to cover the chest, around the neck a yellow and hot pink garland of flowers and a big blue flower like clip. It embarasses me but it is the law.
<<Ehi Noele, make me a good Moijto.>> Naomi smiles, certainly she enjoys that i work and she enjoys her day off.
I have always wanted to be the barmaid and Naomi has always wanted to be the secretary of a sexy businessman.
We are very lucky, because our dream become our reality.
<<Sorry for this evening, but I replaced Arizona, that is somewhere doing who knows what.>> I make a sad face and stick out my lower lip.
<<Oh, don't worry! I came to keep you company.>> If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.
<<I'm so sorry, where is that bad girls of Beverly?>> I ask, surprised by her absence.
<<She is with Dakota.>>
My eyes got big. <<Isn't Dakota that guy she met few days ago at the beach?>>
<<Yes, that' him.>>
Changing the topic, I decided to ask her another question.
<<How's your beautiful boss?>> I ask with curiosity.
<<All right, Won't be long before the conquest. My Alexavier Morrison is a hard guy to crack.>>
He winked at me.
<<I guess.>> Exclaim. <<Here is your Mojito.>>
<<Miss?>> Call me a big and bald man in his fifties.
<<Yes.>> I go to him.
<<I want a Margarita, please.>>
<<Yes, immediately.>> Tonight there is a lot of people, I can't get a break. I look at Naomi, I go to the customer and I stumble in a stair. <<Damn stair.>> Exclaim. I lean my hand on the bench and embarrassed I get back up. All people look at me and I blush.
<<Here is your drink, Sir.>> I offer the drink to him but when he drinks a sip and spit it on me wetting my almost invisible skirt.
<< How dare you call this Margarita?>> He asks puzzled with red hot eyes.
<<I'm sorry, I will make you another one.>>
The man makes me sign to leave him alone and he yells at me. <<You are an incompetent, you don't know how to make a Margarita, ignorant, it disgust me!>> Exclaim.
<<Sir, is that any way to speak to a lady?>>
The man fix the guy and go away.
<< Is everything all right?>> He looks me worried leaning a hand on the bench. I am astounded, he is nice to faint. He has black hair, not too short, green eyes, tanned, and tall about 1.80, he wears a low-cut Hawaiian-style shorts. He spots fantastic abdominal well graven. With the eyes I go deeper and deeper and I notice the inevitable and bewitching one "V" to reach from his hips. He has the mighty and muscular arms. Then I force me to climb with the look and I notice the angelic face, with a thread of beard, tense expression with the eyes that keep on scrutinizing me.

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