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Yes Mr. Evans chapter 1 (Part. 2)

martedì 28 febbraio 2017

1 (Part. 2)

I clearing my throat. <<Y...Yes. All right.>>
<<You are..?>>
I have trouble to understand his expression. <<N...Noele, Noele Lewis. Thank you for defending me, it happens all the time but we cannot do anything, the customer is always right.>> I exclaim. <<But this doesn't explain his behavior. It is uncivil.>> Its face starts to be relaxed.
<< I can't thank you enough, do you want something to drink?>> I ask, I am confused and enchanted because his beauty.
<<Don't worry, it is my work save the people.>> He smiles at me. <<Offer me what you want.>>
<<A Margarita.>> I say with joky tone.
<< I hope he's not like the other otherwise I get furious.>> He looks at me and I blush. Friggin' capillary vases.
<<Sorry, but you are?>> I ask curious.
<<How rude I am, I haven't introduced myself. I am Cade Evans.>>
He offers me a hand, and when I touch him I feel a shake to cross me long the back.
His hand is warm and soft.
I smile at him and I take the cup for Margarita, I dampen with a slice of lemon alone half edge of the glass and I cover it of salt getting a frosted effect, then I put it in the freezer and I make it cool.
The hands tremble me and with the tail of the eye I perceive its look, I feel me uneasy.
In the meantime I fill for ¾ the shaker with two dice of ice, I energetically add the Tequila, the Cointreau of the juice of lemon and I shake for some second.
I take back the cup, I filter all the content, I take a slice of lemon and I puts it in the edge.
<<Here you, I hope you like it.>>
I look at him undaunted while he is tasting the drink, I don't know what to say, I am impatient to feel one judgment about my drink. He makes a whimper and tilts his head back.
He has a very sexy neck!
He smiles at me. <<It is good.>>
<<Excellent.>> I relax. << I was hoping you liked it, I was nervous in the meantime awaiting an opinion.>>
<<I got that.>> He's making eye contact with me. <<You trembling when you was preparing the drink.>> He says smiling me. I can fella gain the shake that makes me tense.
<< Tell me about yourself.>> I lock the eyes. I remain appalled from the question. Fortunately between questions and drinks it's already the 11.30 pm and I can ask to go early.
<<Xavier, can I leave early today?>> I tell my boss. From the dark hair and brown eyes.
<<It is all right, see you tomorrow.>>
<<Give me time to change me, wait here me.>> He takes my arm. <<Why would you change yourself? You look good. You've got a great figure.>> The shake returns, I like the feeling that try when it touches me. I close the eyes for the pleasure that I am living. I make a big breath, then I shake the head. <<I don't feel me to my ease, I will be quick.>> He makes a sad expression and he let me go.
I go in the dressing room and I change.
<<Finally.>> I exclaim.
I wear a white t-shirt, pink cotton shorts and the flip flop. I go out and I reach him with quick footstep.
<<You were before better.>> He says.
We go on the seashore and we sit on the sand, cold by now. I am embarrassed. I decide to make to talk him before.
<<Why don't you start by telling me about you?>> I ask, before the courage to talk ends.
He has the elbows leaned on the knees and the head toward the sea. Then he turns watching me.
<<What do you want to know?>> He smiles at me.
<<What do you do?>> I ask.
<< I'm a firefighter and in particular I attend of coordination.>> That is why he told that save the people was his duty.
<<Great.>> I swallow. <<How old are you?>>
<<I'm twenty-eight years old.>> He looks younger.
<< So, what do you do in your off-time?>>
<<I love play different types of sport and to eat chocolate-covered strawberries.>> He whispers with her lips half-opened in a very mischievous smile then it returns to look at the waves.
<<For instance?>>
He turns his head, stopping me with his look. <<I practise surf, I run. I love to stay in good shape.>>
<<Also I adore to eat chocolate-covered strawberries, they're my favorite.>> I say.
<<The point is taken, Miss Lewis.>> He looks in my direction making me blush.
<<Do you have a social life?>> I ask curious, I want to know if he has a girlfriend.
<<Yes. When the job allows me I go out with my friends to drink something.>>
<<Why are you alone tonight?>> I have an infinity questions that I could make. He intrigues me. He is mysterious.
<<You seems me a detective.>> He laughs, showing white and perfect teeth.
I love to hear him talk. I like a lot his voice.
<<I was here with Alexavier, but I lost him along the way. He met his secretary in the bar where you work. While I I felt that hillbilly yell at you and I have reached you. Instead my colleague Derek stayed at home with his girlfriend.>> When I say "girlfriend" word I sense in him a contrary expression moving his lips in a derisive laugh.
I launch a quick look to his face, I shall discuss in more detail the argument "girlfriend" but I prefer not to. At this time I should be with my friends instead I find myself sat with the sand that enters in my shorts to investigate.
<<Your family? Have you got brothers or sisters?>> I'm frowning the forehead.
<<I never talk of my family with strangers. I'm a pretty private person.>> He has a severe tone. Maybe I touched a sore spot. <<Sorry. Sometimes I don't realize what I say.>> I blush. <<How many women have you been with?>>
"Oh my God but why can't I keep quiet?"
He makes a whisper. I immediately turn the head in the opposite side to avoid his look.
<<Noele, please pass to another question. I don't think you care.>> He seems irritated.
It's weird to listen him saying my name. It is beautiful. I immediately blush. The unease has been increasing.
I put my arms under the knees and I lean on my chin.
With the corner of my eye I peek to see the look on his face.
He strokes the lower part of his lip with the thumb. Then he turns towards me. It starts to pinch me my throat. My heart's pounding so fast and my cheeks are burning.
<<Hey, hi Cade.>> A redhead girl, with slender physical and black eyes coming towards us. She throws on him. She just kissed he on his lips. I roll my eyes.
<<What are you doing here?>> She seems enough happy to see him. <<Hi Amber. We'll talk tomorrow. I am busy at this moment.>> The girl remains disappointed by his answer and she goes away.
He looks at me again.
<<If you want, you can go to her. Your friend was disappointed because how you treated her.>> I make sign to get up but he stops me with his hand on my arm.
<<No, she is just one of my oldest acquaintances. It is now my turn to ask questions.>> His expression is full of curiosity.
<<Not much to tell, really.>> I look at the sea. <<I am a twenty-six year-old simple barmaind, sometimes the customers berating me. In my spare time I go to run, I read, I go out with the friends and we sometimes let's go dancing on the beach.>> I smile. <<Have you got a boyfriend?>>
<<No. I don't think I quite measure up to have a boyfriend.>> He scrapes his forehead because my answer.
<<Why? I don't understand.>> He tilts his head laterally. He is curious because my answer.
<<You are a beautiful girl. You have perfect features, brown eyes.>> His expression is serious.
I feel my ears burn. My hands start to sweat and I get upset. This feels a bit weird. I must go home.
<< It's getting late. It is better that I back to home, would not like to encounter some drunk on the road.>>
<< I'll go with you. Where do you live?>> He cares about my safety? A noble gesture for his part.
<<No, I go alone. Don't worry.>>
<<Be careful.>> He grumbles with authoritative tone.
<<Relax.>> I answer walking away from from him. <<Thank you for defending me today.>>
<<It was a duty. Remember? I save people.>> He exclaims, happy for doing that. <<Good-bye Noele.>>
The odds of a further meeting, made it specially, It is highly unlikely. Except he has a drink from me. <<Good night Cade.>> He lay still to few meters from the shoreline to look at me.
<< It was nice meeting you.>> He affirms.
<< I had a great time.>> I exclaim. His smile expands. It is beautiful when he smiles, his eyes just light up and some dimples appear on his cheeks.
<<Night Noele.>> He raise his hand to say goodbye.
<<Night Cade.>> I'm returning and I go away.

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