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Yes Mr. Evans

martedì 28 febbraio 2017

Hello everyone, I want to announce that the first chapter of  "Yes Mr. Evans" 
is now available for reading on Wattpad, on my profile Anto94Love. 
Thanks for support!
When for the first time Noele Lewis, a Hilo's young barmaid, has been defended by 
Cade Evans, a sexy fireman, she realized that she had lost the use of the word and 
the control of her eyes which were fixed on his sculpted body.
When she arrived at home, she convinced herself that he was not the boy suitable to 
her, but during a friends thing she met Cade, who invited her to go out.
With time Noele notices that Cade is tormented by his past and this will bring him 
to keep distance from her, but soon he understand that Noele is different from other 
girls and he feels sensations that he doesn't feel for so long.
Discovering Cade, Noele will try the limits of the erotic pleasure.

This is the first part of Hawaii's trilogy.

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